Lauren Gonzalez PHOTOGRAPHY

The Experience:

My first priority when meeting new clients is comfort. Being in front of the camera is super nerve-racking, and for most of my clients it is their first professional photoshoot. I take steps prior to your session to get to know you better, whether through my client questionnaire, or jumping on a phone call, I want to know you, & I want to know your story. So that when our session does roll around we feel like friends, not strangers! I do my best work when clients can trust me and feel comfortable around me. So, I establish this early on in your booking process that way when you're in front of the camera there is no awkwardness just love and intention.

A bit about my work:

Shooting style:

I strive for authenticity in whatever I shoot, I want your photos to feel like you, I do give light direction during your session but will mostly give you prompts that bring out your relationship and personalities. I do like a mix of editorial style as well and I aim to capture the details of your session that really tell the story. I remind clients that sessions should be true to who you are, from the location to the outfits, it all helps me capture your true selves.

Editing Style:

True tones, warmth and light mixed together. I am hugely inspired by film, and love a good grainy moment as much as I love a crisp photo. It truly depends on the location and clients. Each session has unique lighting and no one is the same, while I aim for consistency in my editing I do keep tones true to what your session looked like the day of.

Beauty In the Imperfections:

If you're looking for perfectly posed & perfect, I'm not for you. Rather, I embrace the imperfection, meaning rain or shine, wind blown hair, teary eyes. All of the beautiful moments that make us human, that make us feel. I'm here for it. I get told by a lot of clients who find me "I love your page because everyone looks so happy" genuinely its the best compliment. I don't force the laughter and smiles you see on my instagram, I try and make your session feel fun & free with a mix of soulful & sentimental.

What's the booking process?


Fill out the form

Whenever you’re ready, just fill out the contact form. I’ll get back to you too as soon as possible so we can iron out the details of your session!



If you're booking with me for an Elopement or Wedding, we’ll have a quick call to break the ice and decide on the details. I want you to feel comfortable with me and this will help us both!


The day of

On the day of the shoot, we’ll meet up and get to the location of the session. We’ll talk for a bit while I set up my camera and make sure everything’s perfect. Then we can jump straight into it and get some amazing photos!


Gallery delivery

After we're done, I'll get to work editing the photos. The finished photos will be ready and delivered in 2-3 weeks, 6-12 weeks for weddings. Dependent on how busy the season currently is. All images are delivered to a personal gallery via Pixieset.